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Be the Talk of the Village!

Renaissance Performance

Our wonderful troupe members love the Renaissane Festival! One could argue it is how we all got started. From lots of laughs and many "Ooo's" and "Ahh's"-visitors of the festival will never forget their time meeting a real dragon!

St. Louis Fantasy Puppetry offers many services for Renaissance Festivals, including:

  • Interactive and fun stage shows for all ages.

  • Musical acts and performance.

  • Professional, in-character, interaction and presention.

  • Hourly lane-work and meet and greets with guests.

  • Hand-made crafts and jewelry.

  • Unlimited free photo and video.

  • Memories that will last a lifetime!

Our Shows
Renfaire Carissa -_-81.jpg

Story time with the Griffin

Sit and relax with your best pal Namu the Griffin as he regales his audience with thrilling fantasy stories about his various creature friends. Namu is an expert of all of his mythological friends, and loves to read along with guests as they discover new things together! Fun for All Ages!

Sing-a-Long with the

Sea Serpent

Join along with us in a sea shanty sing-a-long as we help bring the sweet and shy Sleifer the Sea Dragon out of his shell! We will sing old classics like "Blow the Man Down" as well as some new songs all about our serpent friend. These songs are for ALL AGES so join in!

Renfaire Carissa -_-9.jpg
Renfaire Carissa -_-40.jpg

Dance with the Dragon

Be amazed by the one and only "Maestro Capodastro, Conductor of the Forest's Ensemble" and he regales you with a musical performance all his own. Capo will astound guests with his smoke-breath and tunes in this unique musical performance.

Greetings in the lanes, performance on the stage
or spicing up a empty space-
we can make it happen at your Ren Fest!

Willing to Travel for Renaissance Shows!

Email us at
to start talking to us about contracts!

See us at the Following Festivals:

  • St. Louis Renaissance Festival Mid September through October

  • Central Missouri Renaissance Festival April 30 - May 1

  • Nebraska Renaissance Festival May 7th - 8th

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