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Our Troupe

We employ the power of Cosplay and performance to make our creatures seem as real as possible. Here's who you can look forward to.

NAMU - The Griffin

The "large and in charge" most lovable and memorable member of the troupe who is known far and wide.

Learn more about NAMU

The sweet and shy tail-wagging sea serpent who loves himself a good sea-shanty.

Learn more about SLEIFER

SLEIFER - The Sea Serpent


The flamboyant center of attention dragon who's real smoke breath will turn everyone's heads.

Learn more about CAPO

TSUDZU-RAO - The Luck Dragon

The fantastic and magical nine-tailed fox dragon who's real blinking eyes, moving tails and magical tricks will astound you.

Learn more about RAO

TALON - The Tyrannosaurus Rex

The "Tyrant King of Parties" who's huge roar, blinking eyes and wagging tail will leave any person delighted.

Learn more about TALON


The hub for the background super-stars of the team who may often be sighted off-stage or at more specific events.

Learn more about our OTHER PUPPETS

Renfaire Carissa -_-91.jpg
NAMO - The Trico

Our hub for Cari's Creatures very first fully handmade shoulder puppet, Namo the Trico! Namo was a special comission by an up-and-coming puppeteer. Check out his space to see his build and learn about where he is now!

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