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Maestro Capodastro
Conductor of the Forest's Ensemble

Our flambouyant official third member is none other than the Magical, musical and all around fantastical- Maestro Capodastro, Conductor of the Forest's Ensemble. You may call him Capo!

Capo is our gorgeous dragon friend who comes to us all the way from Luxemburg. Custom made by Lady Joey Adam, he has astounding flare and must always be the center of all photos! Come and meet him- he insists!

Hatching a Dragon

Capo is a very special dragon with many talents. He is known for being a smaller and less intimidating member of the troupe, much to his dismay. Capodastro's special "Forte" is his knowledge and love of music, which he shows off with his "Treble Cleft" shaped tail tip. He loves being apart of musical performances.

Probably his most impressive stunt involves his ability to magically breath smoke straight from his nose! Using a combination of the heat in his belly and a non-toxic/non-flammable secret substance, Capo is able to astound guests with gigantic bursts of smoke!

Are you interested in exactly how Capo was designed and crafted? See his "Baby Pictures" below!


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