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Pricing and What's Included
Renaissance Festivals

We love attending renaissance festivals and are quickly being scooped up by festivals around the midwest! Click HERE to see what we can bring to your festival, including:
- Scheduled and Interactive Events

- Music and Performance

- Stage acts

- Character Interaction

- Free Gifts from the puppets

- Jewelry and Art Dolls for sale

- Unlimited Free Photo and Video

Plus many more. We are flexible and willing to add or subtract routines in order to fit the theme of the event.

Please contact us at to discuss bringing magical creatures to your festival! See our PRICE SHEET for Details.

Charity and Non Profit Events

We do our very best to make our attendance at every charity and fundraising event free of charge. Typically this includes arriving to the event with a requested puppet, interacting with guests and allowing unlimited free photo and video to be taken.

Due to the nature of these events, we are unable to provide trinkets for guests or travel far distances without some form of small compensation.

Please contact us to discuss your event!

Private Events

Nothing brings the crowd to your booth like the roar of a mighty beast or the shimmer of sparkling scales waving your way. We can surely bring eyes your way or spruce up your private event by:

- Bringing one or more puppets of the organizers choice

- Free unlimited photo and video

- Product Advertising

- Event Advertising

-Crowd Hype

See our PRICE SHEET for pricing details!


Make your next party the most memorable by introducing a real dragon! Children and adults alike will cherish their time and gifts from this magical and personal experience! This includes:

- Any Puppet of the Organizers choosing

- Unlimited Photo and Video

- Sing a longs and/or storytime

-Trinkets or Gift Bags from the Creature

-Personalized content and one-on-one time with fantastic beasts.

See our PRICE SHEET for details on pricing!

Please contact us for your party needs!

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