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Namu the Griffin

About Namu

Namu is highly considered to be the star of our troupe. Originally created by Dominique DeLeon Cosplay as nothing more than a costume prop all the way back in January of 2018. Namu is originally based on the character "Trico" from the Playstation 4 game "The Last Guardian". Namu was a costume prop until he began going to events at the local Science Center and Renaissance festivals, where it became crystal clear that he was much more than just a prop. Over the years, Namu developed a personality of his own, and has branched amazingly far from where he was started from! 

Creation and Fix-its

Namu was created using a foam skeleton covered in a faux-fur body. His neck is made of sturdy foam rings that connect to his head made from resin. If you'd like a detailed look into how Namu was originally made, you can check out his original creator's blog here.

After Namu had spent some time as a prop, he began to deteriorate. In order to get him ready to be our No. 1 troupe member, we did some fine tuning including touching up the painting and fur on the face, redoing many of the weaker areas of foam, adding a sturdier hinge to his jaw and stitching down his legs, wings and tail.

A sound system was ordered, meticulously worked with, and placed in his skull so that he could now interact with guests.


Since his fix-up, Namu has achieved many spectacular things that we never imagined we would be apart of.

Namu is the star of our troupe as we were hired for the St. Louis Renaissance Festival as performers.

Namu has won exhibition awards at various local anime convention.

Namu has welcomed and is known by guests of the St. Louis Science Center

Namu has become a member of the Gateway Super Friends and spent his time volunteering for disabled children and fundraising events.

Namu has starred in his very own professional MOVIE featured on Youtube as well as many other shorts!


Video Gallery

Escape - A Fantasy Tale
Namu Showcase 1
Namu Showcase 2
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