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Talon the T-Rex
The Tyrant King

Roaring and stomping his way onto our scene is Talon the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Talon comes to us all the way from Hong Kong. Talon is a young and upbeat dinosaur who loves being the center of attention. His mighty roar will draw everyone's attention!

Talon was made by some of the same producers of the dinosaur animatronics in museums and zoos. His temperament and WAGGING TAIL betray his fierce eyes and loud voice. The only thing Talon loves more than meeting new friends, is his storytime with his favorite dinosaur-themed books!

*Talon is a SENSORY FRIENDLY PUPPET who's roar volume can be adjusted, eyes can be closed (For our shell-shocked friends), and who listens to commands to stay still very well. He is incredibly patient and realizes he can be a bit scary! He is also more than happy to meet children and adults in small groups, or one on one. Always reach out for options!*

Talon's forte is his appearance at small or large events! Just the sight of a REAL T-rex walking into a room in enough to delight even the most sour-faced guests, but add his stunning personality and bouncy tail? He's a total charmer! See Talon interacting with some of his favorite friends below!

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